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Secret Keepers and Skinny Shadows  an award winner. 2016 Kindle Book Review Semi-Finalist in Mysteries.

In the stillness of the night the tree branches were full of noise from birds, squirrels and insects. Then all went silent. A slight jerk of Lee’s head angled off to one side, signaled that he should leave. His nose still stung from the thick gun smoke hanging in the air.
When Bert Grayson is murdered, it sets off a chain of events to apprehend a relentless killer who would not be stopped.
Don’t trust anyone, Lee and Miranda were warned!
But, they risked their own lives in this heart stopping race against time.

Lillian Grace, a woman with her own secrets, had loved Bert. Her rambling letters, written after his murder, are the only link 50 years later to what really happened in that alley the night Bert was found with his throat slit.
2016 Kindle Book Awards Semi-Finalist.


Best Dating Rules: A Romantic Comedy (The Best Girls Book 2) by Tamie Dearen via @amazon

Tamie Dearen

Tamie Dearen has been married to her very romantic husband since 1982. They have two beautiful daughters, two amazing son-in-laws, and one awesome grandson. She plays piano, flute, harmonica, keyboards, and guitar, and loves composing and art. And she hates housework. A dentist in private practice for thirty years, Tamie stays busy playing on her church’s praise team and teaching graduate students each week. In her spare time, she escapes the real world by writing books.

Tamie met her husband as a freshman in college when she acted out of character on a whim. One night in the library lobby, she spied a cute guy with his first name written on the back of his shirt. She called out his name. When he approached to talk to her, she pretended that she’d met him before, asking about his classes and how he liked college. To her surprise and delight, he also pretended that he knew her, but of course he didn’t know her name. They continued this false relationship for two months. Each time they saw each other, an event which occurred three times per week at the cafeteria, he would pretend he knew her. Meanwhile, all of Tamie’s friends were careful not to reveal her name to him. When he finally admitted his ignorance of her name, he was astonished to learn the truth. And the rest is history.

Contact Tamie on her webpage at

I highly recommend this novel.


The Fortune Seekers – Dan and Charlotte: Book One of a Series by Glennis Bro… via @amazon

Courageous decisions need to be made, by both Dan and Charlotte.
Both are seeking to escape confusing religious doctrinal beliefs in the eighteenth century within Wales and England. Charlotte additionally struggles with medical beliefs of the time.

Dan – a deep thinker, challenges accepted beliefs of a Christian denomination gaining converts throughout the century,- is branded a rebellious non conformist.
Charlotte – sees ahead a lifetime of shame and disgrace.

Choices are made. In making them, they separately begin adventurous and challenging lives, – joining the thousands of emigrants who join the early pioneers in Australia.

The hardships of supporting large families, dealing with grief and poverty during the Australian gold rush years, come alive. The reality of realising real love, changes everything.

Both characters have the wanderlust gene, – as one in four of our population are suspected of possessing. Believed to be the reason many people are unsettled and motivated, who leave the familiar, choosing to go into the unknown.
For the twenty first century reader, the reality of what our ancestors’ lives were like will be understood

I highly recommend this story.


TBD -to be determined-: A game changer by Patricia E. Gitt via @amazon

“A compelling, yet terrifying choice…what would you do?” Elinor Ruskin.

About to quit her job as vice president of corporate communications, Katherine Cunningham jumps at the unexpected opportunity of assisting Thomas Sweeney, CEO of Marathon Nutritionals, as he rushes to resolve a corporate crisis.

The CFO having been blackmailed, embezzled $800,000 from the Sweeney Family Foundation. Should word of his actions become known, the company would incur damages to not only the competence of its leadership, but to its reputation as a leading manufacturer of high quality nutritional supplements.

With her paranoid female boss away on vacation, Katherine becomes part of a small group of insiders bent on tracking down the blackmailer, eliminating threats to the disgraced executive and potentially damaging the company.

Katherine’s life has been on hold her career going nowhere and her social life stalled. Would this assignment get her fired or free her to rebuild her life? Her future is yet to be determined.

I highly recommend this novel full of twists and turns.


Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project by Jack Mayer via @amazon

During World War II, Irena Sendler, a Polish Catholic social worker, organized a rescue network of fellow social workers to save 2,500 Jewish children from certain death in the Warsaw ghetto. Incredibly, after the war her heroism, like that of many others, was suppressed by communist Poland and remained virtually unknown for 60 years.

Unknown, that is, until three high school girls from an economically depressed, rural school district in southeast Kansas stumbled upon a tantalizing reference to Sendler’s rescues, which they fashioned into a history project, a play they called Life in a Jar. Their innocent drama was first seen in Kansas, then the Midwest, then New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, and finally Poland, where they elevated Irena Sendler to a national hero, championing her legacy of tolerance and respect for all people.

Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project is a Holocaust history and more. It is the inspirational story of Protestant students from Kansas, each carrying her own painful burden, each called in her own complex way to the history of a Catholic woman who knocked on Jewish doors in the Warsaw ghetto and, in Sendler’s own words, “tried to talk the mothers out of their children.” Inspired by Irena Sendler, they are living examples of the power of one person to change the world and models for young people everywhere.

Sixty percent (60%) of the royalties of Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project are donated to the Irena Sendler/Life in a Jar Foundation. The foundation promotes Irena Sendler’s legacy and encourages educators and students to emulate the project by focusing on unsung heroes in history to teach respect and understanding among all people, regardless of race, religion, or creed.

This is one of the most moving books I have read to date. Highly recommend.


The Little Blue Book for Authors: 101 Clues to Get More Out of Facebook by Gi… via @amazon

Gisela Hausmann is a 29 yr. self-publishing industry veteran, an email evangelist and a top reviewer.

Her work has been featured in regional, national, and international publications including Success magazine (print) and Entrepreneur, on Bloomberg, The Innovation Show – a show for Square Pegs in Round Holes, “The Brutal Truth about Sales & Selling”-podcast, and Austria’s Der Standard and Das Wirtschaftsblatt. Gisela is a graduate of the University of Vienna, Austria.

A unique mixture of wild risk-taker and careful planner, she globe-trotted almost 100,000 kilometers on three continents, including to the locations of her favorite books: Doctor Zhivago’s Russia, Heinrich Harrer’s Tibet, and Genghis Khan’s Mongolia.

Her motto:
“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”-Napoleon Hill

For more information about the author please visit her website at

She tweets at @Naked_Determina

I highly recommend Gisela’s books.


The Album by Mary Roberts Rinehart via @amazon

On a quiet cul-de-sac, an elderly invalid is slaughtered with an axe
Crescent Place was once a peaceful country green surrounded by five tasteful suburban houses and populated by polite, responsible citizens. But as the city enveloped it, the residents built a gate to keep the world out. With each passing year, the subdivision grew stranger and stranger—until it began to look like a time capsule of the 1890s. In these houses are a husband and wife who fight constantly, and another couple who hasn’t spoken to each other in two decades. There is a widow in permanent mourning and a daughter whom the newspapers call psychotic. And there is a bedridden old woman who is about to be killed with an axe.

When her murder shatters the quiet of the little enclave, the tabloids delight in trumpeting the neighborhood’s peculiarities. But as the search for the killer intensifies, the area’s strangest secrets have yet to be revealed.

One of the best murder mysteries I have read.