Cover of Darkness, part 9

Fisher, Clint, Cassie and Lulu in unison stepped half in and half out of the shadow of the house, they didn’t want to miss one word. They were all in shock and unbelief at what they were seeing and hearing. Preston looked like a nasty cartoon character and then watching Opal facing down long tall John.

Cassie whispered in Clint’s ear, “This is almost like watching a movie.”

Clint put his arm around her, “Yes, a scary movie. But I’ll keep you safe.”

John shoved the envelope in Preston’s directions, “Put this in your valise where it will be safe,” and at the same time he held up his brief case in front of Opal. “It’s all in there, count it.”

She jerked the case from John’s hand, setting it down so hard on the table, the thud rattled the coffee cups. She snapped the latches and lifted the top. Her eyes lit up, “Wow, nice.” She started to count the stacks of green bills.

John stared at her while she counted the money. “Is this coffee for us?”

“Help yourself,” Opal quipped as she counted. She didn’t look up as John poured a cup.

“Preston,” John said with a sly grin, “We are going to be rich by midnight tonight.”

A nasty look filled Preston’s face, while he placed the envelope in the satchel he was holding. “It’s safe with me.” He rolled his frog eyes in Opal’s direction nodding while chewing gum. Each time he swallowed his protruding Adam’s apple moved up and down his long neck like a yo-yo.

Opal glanced up at him and shivered, then cleared her throat, “It’s all here,” she snapped the latches closed, and patted the top of the case. “I guess our business is concluded, so, good-bye gentlemen.” She pointed to the door.

“Not so fast Opal,” John wagged his finger at her, “Opal, Opal…it wouldn’t be healthy for you to have said anything to your dad.”

“My dad knows nothing about this.” She put her hands on her hips. “Now it’s time for you two, to leave.”

Preston looked in her direction, “You’re in it too deep now Opal. You can’t get out. At least not alive. He fingered his gun. So if you want to see the ripe old age of twenty-nine I would advise you to keep your mouth.”

The kids jerked their heads away from the window and moved back into the shadows as the men turned in their direction. Henry leaped down on the ground landing at the kids feet. Pulling deeper into the shadows, the kids held their breath, and remained motionless.

Froggy raced toward the window, “Did you see that? It looked like someone was out there.” His head bobbed from side to side, he strained to see into the night.

Opal moved close to the window, “Henry jumped down when you two turned around, that is probably what you saw.”

“I hope that is it and not your nosey brother and his friends snooping around.” The malicious tone in Preston’s voice was chilling.

A shiver shook Opal’s body, “I’m sure Fisher and his little friends are doing their home-work downtown at Muzzey’s.

Preston spun around and headed toward the door, “Come on John I’ve had enough of this.”

Edward who was listening through the crack in the door, spotted Preston advancing toward him, whirled around and headed in the direction of the library.

“Follow me guys,” Fisher whispered, “We need to get out of hear.”

Crouching, the teens waddled like ducks behind the bushes, stopping at the front corner of the house shielded by an overgrown juniper pine, where they had a good view of the black car parked in front of the house. The two men rushed out the front door crossed the porch and down the steps.

They were almost to the car when Edward stepped out the front door, raising his voice, “Wait a minute, you two.” John and Preston stopped and turned.

To be continued: Thank you for traveling with me.

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