Cover of Darkness, part 6

“Listen,” Turning Fisher held a finger to his lips, as voices drifted out into the night air. The kids ducked down a front of the window to hear, the cat helped shield them from view.

“You see miss it’s like this. I have a family waiting for me, supper to fix and kids that need attention. I have a life other than this.” Wringing her hands Elena shuffled her feet, staring into Opals dark eyes.

“Enough of this Elena…” Opal waved her hand in the air, “When you’ve finished setting up the coffee you may leave.”

“Thank you Miss.” Elena turned and swaggered in the direction of the kitchen chattering to herself in French.

Lulu giggled, Fisher gently placed his hand over her mouth then shot a stern gaze at Clint and Cassie who were trying to contain their laughter, he whispered, “You guys…stop it, if Opal hears us we will be in big trouble.”

Wide eyed, Clint threw a snappy salute at Fisher.

The young detectives grew quiet, waiting for something to happen, their ears strained to hear the activity in the house, voices blended together, muffled by Henry’s purring.

Their backs pressed hard against the brick wall they warmed their bodies on the heat oozing through the bricks. They stood in silence staring at the lights of the small town in the broad valley below. The Fentwood property stretched for a mile behind the mansion bumping up against the borders of the forgotten sleepy town. Windermere, the palatial, twenty-thousand square foot estate, surrounded by one hundred and twenty-seven acres of gardens, pools and walkways showcased by the painstaking craftsmanship of the period. The manor stood like a sentinel watching over the old canal that has since become a small stream meandering through the little hamlet. Businesses died away and the once bustling center of commerce had fallen asleep, waiting to become busy again. It grew into a thriving bedroom community, pushing the city limits that stopped at Windermere.

Opal and her father were research scientists, they invented gadgets for agents to use in the world of spies. Opal’s newest weapon was the invention of micro-chip invisibility. It will put the CIA light years ahead in the spy world. Years ago the government built a laboratory onto the back of their house so Edward and now Opal could work from home on the beginning developing stages of an idea, and then the completion stage had to be done at the headquarters in Washington, D.C. The CIA didn’t trust anyone, not even their own employees.

“Now where did I have them?” Opal made a frantic search around the room. Inspecting all the areas where she worked on them. Panic filled her voice. “Oh, good,” she whispered, “I’ve covered my tracks, no one will know.” She knew the trouble she would be in if her dad learned what she was doing.

But all she really cared about was the money and fame that would come to her for what was probably the most valuable thing she had ever invented. As she brushed her dark hair out of her grey flecked eyes and scanned the room one more time, the sounds of Elena spewing out a string of complaints and the tap, tap of her shoes echoed as she stomped down the long hallway, her matronly hips moved her stubbly legs in short rhythmic steps.

Opal hurried to clear a spot on the table.

As Elena brushed into the room.

Opal turned sweeping her arm, “Set the tray down here.”

“Yes, Miss,” She huffed, then slid the heavy tray onto the table.

Opal stood with her hand on her hip watching Elena, “Is Mother finished in the library? What is Father doing?”

Looking past Opal, “I don’t know Miss, but this I know, my arm is sore from carrying that heavy tray. May I go now?”

“Yes, Elena, thank you for staying, you’ve been a big help.”

“Oh, Miss would you like me to close that window before I go, there’s a lot of cold air coming in?”

“I’ll close it late, Henry likes to spread out on the sill, purr and watch the moon. Go figure he’s a crazy cat.”

“Good night then Miss,” The tap, tapping faded down the hall in the direction of the kitchen.

Twenty-eight year old Opal was taller than her mother with short dark hair and a beautifully chiseled face. She stood in front of the window, stroking Henry’s full coat and running her fingers along his fluffy tail. She puzzled over the reflection in the plate glass window. The beautiful face of her mom gazed back at her. “My buyers should be arriving in ten minutes.” She whispered.

To be continued: Thank you for traveling with me.

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