Cover of Darkness, part 5

That evening, the premonition shook him to his core.

“Wait up, for heaven’s sake Fisher, don’t walk so fast,” Lulu’s bubbly personality was turning huffy. Tall and slender she was slipping and sliding, trying to avoid a nasty fall on the corn stubble standing up like knives waiting for a victim.

Whispering through his teeth with forced restraint, “Lulu stop complaining, you said you could keep up, give me your hand.” In frustration he grabbed her hand and gently helped her navigate the icy field.

With a tight grip on her thin fingers, “I’ll steady you just hang on to me Lulu,” they advanced up the steep hillside toward the back of the mansion looming large just a few feet away, the stately structure was surrounded by an eerie glow in the lit of the full moon. The eighteen year old used the power of his six foot three inch muscular body to help Lulu navigate the treacherous field. Fisher wanted to work for the CIA like his dad and sister Opal. He spent most of his free time in the library studying and the rest with Lulu, Clint and Cassie at Muzzey’s Tavern and Coffee Shop across the street from the old theater.

Fisher halted in his tracks glancing in all directions, he squeezed Lulu’s hand extra hard. “What’s wrong Fisher why did you stop like that? Why are you looking like that? You’re hurting my hand.”

“Sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you. I don’t know I can’t shake this sudden feeling that something is wrong. It’s giving me the chills.” He shuttered all over, trying desperately to shake whatever it was out of his mind and body.

“Wow Fisher, that’s not good. Probably just the excitement of seeing what Opal is up to.” Patting his arm she gave him a gentle hug. “It’s going to be okay.”

No amount of preparation would be enough to prepare him for what was waiting a few feet away in the shadows of time.

He shook off the feeling of dread, “Okay let’s get moving Clint and Cassie are going to wonder what we’re doing.” He hurried up the field again, guiding Lulu through the field.

Following close behind them Clint held Cassie’s hand helping her weave around the corn stubble, raising his voice, “Slow down Fisher,” Clint scowled at him, “What’s your hurry?”

Fisher gave Clint a hard smile. “What’s wrong with you guys? I don’t want to miss the people coming to see Opal.”

Clint halted, “Fisher the girls are having a hard time walking, show a little consideration to them.”

Fisher stopped and turned around showing the whites of his eyes, “Okay, okay just keep up if you can.”

Clint tossed a wink at Cassie accompanied by a grin.

She mouthed the words, “Thank you.” Lanky and slender Cassie’s alluring good looks complemented her bewitching personality. She had a following of guys at school who tried to date her, but she only had eyes for Clint. She was the leader of the Bow Street Runners, their exclusive super sleuthing club the four of them started.

He slipped his around her thin waist, pulling her against him, almost carrying her up the hill. He was a couple incher shorter than Fisher, his unruly brown hair blowing in the wind. He was the senior class flirt, winking at all the girls, telling them how pretty they were. The girls all knew it was a line, but they liked the attention from a good looking guy who was also the star on the basketball team. He took great pleasure in teasing Fisher telling him, “I can play sports and get good grades.” He proved it, being the president of the national honor society.

They were the local amateur detectives. Fisher, Clint, Lulu and Cassie would spend their time studying when they weren’t solving local mysteries at the school and around their neighborhood. Working toward the day they would graduate high school in the spring, then after four years of college, move into the jobs of their dreams.

They were twenty five feet away from the open laboratory window. The dark shadow of Henry’s Angora body stretched across the wide sill, his ears perked up when he heard them coming knowing it was Fisher and his friends, he didn’t give them away. Instead his steady gaze followed them tracking them as they approached the window. Women’s voices drifted outside through the open window. He stopped and held up his hand. The rest of them paused behind him. “Listen. That’s Opal and Elena the maid.” The voices were louder than normal and they appeared to be arguing about something.

To be continued: Thank you for traveling with me.

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