Cover of Darkness, part 4

Edward turned his car through the opened chain-link gates that were protecting the large parking lot. He pulled into an empty space between two postal trucks.

Exiting the car he paused, his middle aged eyes scanned the old red brick building with the large loading dock attached to the back of the post-office. He hurried up the cement steps and through the opened door. Inside the aroma of fresh brewed coffee teased his nose. Standing in the center of the room he spied the post-master positioning a ladder into an opening where a ceiling tile used to be. “Hello, Roger, how are you.”

A tall, well built thirty-year old man stopped and placed his foot on a rung of the ladder, “Hey Edward, glad you made it. I’m anxious to get this project over with.”

The frustration in his friends voice echoed in Edwards ears. “Well, in that case show me what needs to be done.”

He raised his arm pointing, “I set a ladder up for you over there. We need to be able to see what goes on in the whole building.”

Edward moved to the other side of the room and started to climb, “I’ll take a look at this job.”

Roger climbed his, they stood on the top rung shoulders above the rafters. “It would be pretty dark up here if it wasn’t for the light shining up through where the ceiling tiles where.” Roger leaned his elbow on a rafter. As he watched Edward. “What are doing over there?”

“Darn things,” Edward swatted at cobwebs, wiping them from around his area and pulling the sticky, white silk from his face. In one quick movement he brushed his hand off on his pants leg. Then fished around in his jacket pocket for the flashlight. He touched the envelope, “Oh yeah,” he slid it out and placed it on top of a piece of insulation laying between the rafters. Then he reached back in and pulled out the light, flipped it on waving it around the dark area. “That’s much better.” Using it as a pointer, “You’ll need at least three camera’s to cover the entire floor area.” He paused, then swatted at a spider crawling on his sleeve. “Darn things.”

“I wasn’t planning on three, but the new district manger wants them so I’m sure he’ll pay for them.”

Edward shifted his feet, looking over at Roger, “Do you know the reason they are having camera’s put in here, when all they do in this building is sort and case mail?”

“You know Edward, I wish I knew,” He paused putting his hand on his hip, “But I get paid to do what I’m told.” Raising his eyebrow and a half smile, “Don’t know why.”

They climbed down the ladders. “I’ll send my techs out tomorrow morning to get the job done. It should only take a couple of hours. Do you want me to help you put the ladders away?”

“Thanks but I can take care of it. I should have everything ready for your people by seven in the morning.” As he talked Roger brushed the insulation and cobwebs from his shirt and hair. “It will be nice to put this job behind me so I don’t have to think about it anymore. Help yourself to a cup of coffee and a donut on the table over there.” He point toward the far wall.

Edward turned, “Thanks Roger, I think I will, it’s been a long morning so far.” They walked to the table. “This is quite a spread.” Edward poured a cup of coffee and picked up a chocolate cream stick, “My favorite,” he licked his lips before taking a bite. “They are so good with coffee,” he took a couple drinks from the paper cup. “Thanks again.” He placed the cup down on the table and shook Roger’s hand, “Thanks for the chance to do this job, my little company needs the work. Thanks to friends like you, it will keep growing.”

“You’re right Edward that’s what friends are for, glad I could help you get started.”

Edward hurried out the door anxious to spend the rest of his day off relaxing at home with Eugenia.

To be continued: Thank you for traveling with me.

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