Cover of Darkness Waning part 2,

He took a few steps to reach the ancient wall safe, “You’re a ticking timebomb,” He told Opal over diner last night. Plucking a pencil flashlight from his jacket pocket, in one click it was on, he placed it between his front teeth, lighting up the tumbler in front of him. His trembling fingers turned it right ten, left five, and right fifteen. He was almost to the point of no return, beads of sweat formed on his face.

The door slid open with a clank. Holding his breath he glanced toward the bathroom door. Seeing no movement he picked up the innocuous looking envelope. “Darn, a metal tab, if I break it she will know, careful Edward,” he pulled it up, it didn’t snap off, he heaved a deep sigh. With the back of his hand he brushed the beads of sweat from his forehead.

A quick look inside, there they were. The copies he made were just inside his pocket, his arms suddenly made of steel, as he managed to pull them out. He switched the contents, gently placing the envelope back on the same shelf in the safe. He deposited the other envelope inside his jacket, “Now to find the right hiding spot for them,” He whispered.

Water flushed in the toilet. In shadow movements, Edward was at the door he had come in. It was done.

To be continued:

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