The Cover of Darkness Was Waning

“Should I?” Edward groaned, knowing it was his only choice. If Opal ever finds out she will hate me for the rest of her life. He felt a rising sense of hysteria moving in his chest. It’s now or never.

Edward sighed, forcing himself to take one step inside the semi-dark room, turning his head left then right. He knew he was safe, at least for now by the light under the closed bathroom door. She was in there, getting ready for her visitors tonight. His daughter Opal, was preparing to betray the government agency they both worked for. He had many long discussions with her about the contractor work she was engaged in and the danger involved with it.

His breathing quickened. A pulse pounded in his head. A flash of lightening across the pre-dawn sky revealed Henry’s outline stretched across the sill of the half opened window, purring, tracking him. Locking eyes with the cat, he put a finger to his lips, knowing it would keep his confidence.

To be continued.

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