The House Hidden in Time

Somewhere in the northern part of Ireland, a split in time has opened. It has caused every road to turn to the right. One of them is the road leading to the land of Timelessness. If a traveler takes this road they are in danger if they didn’t put on their weighted shoes, for without them they would be sucked into the Land Without Time.

Once there, they would live in the House of Time. A log cabin, where under a board of the uneven floor in the first room to the right, is a red box containing ten thousand dollars in cash. But travelers who are tempted by the large stash should know that inside the thick walls of the cabin is hidden a little office of Police Inspector Harry, a giant of a man who asks silly questions about fried eggs. If you look directly into his eyes you will be turned into a frog, and there you would remain for eternity.

Don’t look in strange places or splits in time, it could be bad for your health.

Thank you for Traveling With Me.

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