Nut Islands, Have You Been There?

In the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the vegetable sea, so-called because certain trees that grow there produce enormous nuts over fifteen feet long. The inhabitants, the Nutanauts, use them as ships. They sail to and from the Isle of Nothing.

The Isle of Nothing is a large lake dotted with islands, stretching from the Forest of Evilshaw to the Castle of the Quest. Travelers may find it somewhere in the north of England. The Forest of Evilshaw itself is dense and trackless, no one dares to hunt there and no thief will take refuge inside its boundaries. Many legends are attached to the island and the people; some say that fairies walk its paths, others that it conceals the mouth of Anduin, resting on the edge of Helvania, hiding a house of the Grand Fairy who protects all inhabitants from Evil.

Thank you for Traveling With Me.

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