Her Desire For Husband Too Strong

Life in the United States as it was in 1911.

Miss Grace Holland a pretty eastern girl, traveled from Ohio to become the bride of a man named Lockett, who lived in Beatty, Nevada. A farmer who claimed to be a mining man, placed ads in the Cincinnati paper saying he was looking for love. She answered and started communications with him. They entered a brief courtship by mail. He persuaded her to come and meet him with the purpose of talking over a proposition of matrimony. She agreed, but only if he paid her expenses.

He sent her the money. She traveled there and he met her at the train station, but refused to  state who he was. She decided not to stick around and traveled on to Goldfield, Nevada. Lockett complained to the authorities that she obtained his money under false pretenses. When she stepped off the train the police were waiting for her.

She was allowed to go to a hotel and later he dismissed the complaint. She retained a lawyer and prepared to sue him for damages. For a time she felt like a stranger in a strange land.

Two days later she was having dining in a restaurant and met Daniel O’Keefe. Following a four-day courtship she became his bride.

Now all ended happily since she has become the wife of one of Goldfield’s prominent citizens. Having found an ideal westerner in her husband, and is very happy.

She has not decided what to do with the suit she intended to bring against Lockett.

Thank you for Traveling With Me.

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