Have you been to A Place Called There?

In the stillness of the night I lingered there, enjoying the frogs jumping in the pond as the stars lit up the dark sky. The tree branches came to life with the sounds of birds, squirrel and insects. Then as fast it came, it all went dead silent. A slight jerk of my head angled off to one side signaled that I should leave. I felt the quick movement of something behind me. I was afraid to look. The cold wind picked up howling through the tree tops.

At first I moved as if in slow motion. What was wrong with my legs, they weighed a hundred pounds each. I was dragging one foot in front of the other.  Then, I seemed to break free. Running as fast as my rubbery legs would go, chasing the wind and clutching at shadows. My footfalls echoed through the Bridge, then like a flash of lightning I bolted out the other side, glancing over my shoulder as something came rushing at me from behind.

The stench of wet mud and wild animals stung my nose. Would this be the way I would die? I couldn’t imagine it would end like this. Then I saw it up ahead. The bright light pulling me forward, I know she’s waiting I told myself.

Out of breath, warm tears streaming down my cheeks, I saw the steps. Sobbing, I leaped onto the porch, wrapped my arms around Mom’s waist and hugged her tight.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“I stopped at the Pond on my way home and lost track of time. It got dark. The noise of the night filled my head. Foot steps behind me grew close. I felt someone or somethings hot breath on the back of my neck, my eyes darted from side to side as I ran. My heart was pounding so loud I couldn’t think. The tingling from my head to my feet made me think I would die. Your shadow in the doorway, intensified by the bright light behind you gave me courage. I stretched out my arms hoping I would make it to you, before it grabbed me.”

Hugging her tight. “You’re safe now. Your home.” She stroked her daughter’s hair as she looked out into the night. “All I see are shadows on the road. I’ll tell you this honey as a word of warning, tomorrow don’t stop at the pond, you know the Legend of the The Place Called There.”

“Don’t worry Mom. I will never stop There again.”

“Come, let’s go into the kitchen, I have hot chocolate waiting for us.”

Copyrighted February 2018

Write your own ending. Tell me how you would have ended this story in the comments. You should always leave something behind. Comments, tracks, stories. I want to hear what you have to say. Thank you for Traveling With Me.

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