An International Legend, Jack London

I never had a boyhood and am always hunting for it. Jack London

He lived in and walked through a life that was better than a novelists plot.

He died at the young age of forty. After becoming the highest-paid and most popular writer in the world. What a guy.

His novel “The Call of The Wild” drew me into his world in such a way that I felt I was living through each quest. I was in seventh grade when I read this book and today I still feel the thrill of the adventure. I recall how he used words to paint images to give me, one of his readers, the experience of jumping inside the book, living through the time and place as it happened. I was completely absorbed in the story.

I found the Biography by Andrew Sinclair vivid and informative, as it walked me through Jack’s tumultuous but short life. I commend Sinclair for his diligent research of  Jack London, the Legend.

Thanks For Joining Me.

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